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Sports Performance Training
Sports Performance Training 
Athlete Performance

Wilson Performance

What is Remote Programming and What Do I Get?


Wilson Performance Remote Programming will give you the same programming services that my in-person athletes get, but you can utilize our service anywhere in the world. This system is 100% remote so no need to visit in person to get elite results.
Every athlete starts with our Movement, and Performance screen.

Using the information from your initial screen, I build a customized program based on your needs.


Your program will be uploaded to the training app and there will be videos to each exercise on your program so your program can be with you at all times on your phone or ipad.


An updated program will be sent to you every 28 days (4-weeks).

A Systematic Approach That Develops Results

Athlete Size


Many coaches and scouts will say size doesn’t matter, but don’t just listen to what they say watch their ACTIONS in the draft and recruiting players.
Physical size, muscularity, and looking the part are absolutely something that is taken into account.

Exit Velocity

Exit velocity is one of the newest frontiers in the baseball community and according to the data, rightfully so.

Very simply, the harder you hit the ball the higher your batting average.

70% of MLB home runs have an exit velocity of 100MPH+.

Sprint Speed

Showcase are often a vital piece of the recruiting process at all levels. As any collegiate or professional athlete will tell you, the first thing most showcases will do is test your 60-yard dash. If you are a position player with aspirations of playing in college, you better run below a 7.0 before stepping foot in-front of a college scout.

Mound Velocity

Whether or not you like it, coaches value mound velocity more than ever. 90MPH is often the minimum barrier to be on a college or pro scouts radar.


Wilson Performance Screening

Everything starts with Wilson Performance movement, and performance screening. Instead of guessing, we treat each athlete as an individual based on what they need to get to their goal, FAST!

This video assessment is performed in the comfort of your home or gym and sent to us for review.


Utilizing evidence-based training techniques and real world training experience, programs are progressed on a 4-week basis year round.

With a constantly evolving schedule and routine, we make sure our clients’ training matches their performance level and can grow as the client does too.


Goal #1 is to keep our athletes healthy


Goal #2 is to have you reach your on-field performance goals

As our athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger we must evolve with them to enhance their potential on the field and in the gym, to elevate and elongate their career.


Sign Up Now

Are you ready for career changing results?

Our remote programming platform is designed for those that cannot regularly join me in a facility, but want access to the Wilson Performance premium training system without the 1-on-1 coaching price tag.

Our remote clients can now get the same quality of individualized movement, and performance screen coupled with customized programming to deliver outstanding results based on your needs, anywhere in the world.

No Cancellation fee.

What You Need

Our programming is designed to be used at any gym, home or commercial, that has access to a chin-up bar, squat rack, with dumbbells (ideally kettlebells as well) and barbells and plates with enough weight to challenge you. Due to the COVID19 limitations on gyms, we have expanded our offerings to support our clients who have limited or no access to a gym at this time.

Step 1: Sign-up for the Athlete Performance Remote Programming 

Step 2: Download Training App and Set Up Profile

Step 3: Once I receive notification that your profile has been set up you will receive our Movement, and Performance Screen link. You’ll follow the directions and record yourself doing each test and send me the videos via email to

Step 4: Wait 24-72 hours for all of your information to be reviewed and for your program to be uploaded to your profile and set on your calendar. 

Step 5: Time to get to work!

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