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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What if I already have a lifting program?
- We can build the rest of of your training around most scenarios tossed our way. Contact us and we will discuss your best options.
2) What equipment do I need for the program?
- You will need a place to weight train. We can work around almost any specific equipment limitations with exercise substitutions. Contact us to discuss options.
3) How Does "Remote" Coaching Work?
- We structure all your training, nutrition and mobility work, including sets, reps, etc. You provide the work ethic. You will communicate regularly with your coach via email, video chat and text.
4) What if I'm Rehabbing an Injury?
- Because Wilson Performance is not a rehabilitation program, we require that you are medically cleared before participating. If you have specific training requirements due to past injuries, let us know during the intake process and we will take them into account with your program.
5) How do you customize the program?
- We start by collecting as much information as possible about you, including a body assessment. This affects the entire training protocol. From training volume, to exercise selection, these differences have a huge impact on the final product. 
6) Who do you train?
- We train all athletes! We mostly train baseball players, mainly position players but we also train pitchers as well. We individualize the program based on your goals (such as speed, position specific strength, and hitting power).
6) What ages do you work with?
- We work with professional, college and high school athletes. Due to the nature of remote training, which requires highly motivated and engaged athletes, our cut off is set at 14 years old.
7) How much does the program cost? 
- Contact us and we will discuss the pricing of the programs!
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