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About Me:
Zach Wilson

My name is Zach Wilson, and I started Wilson Performance Training in 2018 with one goal in mind: to use my knowledge and expertise, gained from over the years in the fitness industry and the sports world, to help as many people as I could to reach their fitness goals.


At first, I only offered online coaching since I was still playing professional baseball. Since then, I have expanded to online coaching and in person training. Doing that I am able to help people reach their goals in person as well as help people all over the world.


I started working out at the age of 16 in hopes of getting bigger and stronger for baseball. I saw quick results and was immediately hooked to the fitness lifestyle.  That led me to being much bigger, stronger and more powerful on the baseball field as well as in the gym.  Strength training taught me the discipline and work ethic that I now instill in my clients.


My passion is to help others transform through my workout and meal plans. Getting in shape and getting healthy can give you a lot of self-confidence.  Fitness improves not only your body and physique, but also your life.  No matter your goal, I’m here to help!

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